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Brienne III, A Feast for Crows; Ser Clarence Crabb, his woodswitch wife and the heads at the Whispers

Brienne hears the story of the mighty Ser Clarence Crabb, eight feet tall hero of the First Men of Crackclaw Point, from the mouth od Nimble Dick Crabb.
Reference excerpt from the book: Brienne III; A Feast for Crows “The Whispers. You heard o’ Clarence Crabb, o’ course.”


That seemed to surprise him. “Ser Clarence Crabb, I said.
I got his blood in me.
He was eight foot tall, and so strong he could uproot pine trees with one hand and chuck them half a mile.
No horse could bear his weight, so he rode an aurochs.”

“What does he have to do with this smugglers’ cove?”

“His wife was a woods witch.
Whenever Ser Clarence killed a man, he’d fetch his head back home and his wife would kiss it on the lips and bring it back t’ life.

Lords, they were, and wizards, and famous knights and pirates.
One was king o’ Duskendale.
They gave old Crabb good counsel.
Being they was just heads, they couldn’t talk real loud, but they never shut up neither.

When you’re a head, talking’s all…

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