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Jaehaerys and Alysanne, Their Triumphs and Tragedies, Fire and Blood; Balerion and Aerea Targaryen flying over the ruins of Valyria

This drawing isn't officially a representation of a scene from the books, since there is no direct evidence that this event happened; from Septon Barth description of the events following Pricess Aerea return to King's Landing, it is though higly suggested, in my opinion, that indeed during the time of her disappearence, Princess Aerea was in fact brought by Balerion to Valyria.

The girl stole a dragon, the biggest of them all, and the only one living, at that point in time, that was born in the now disappeared continent of Valyria.
I think the dragon had a will of his own, I think the little girl, though connected somehow to the beast, didn't had enough authority to impose completely her way on the dragon.
There's also the possibility that Aerea didn't even had a plan or destination in her mind when she decided to fly away from Dragonstone; she might even have been satisfied of letting the dragon decide where to go, the main thing for her was just to get away …

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